Kim McAninch

Kim McAninch, National Association of Women Artists

The Artist

Kim McAninch - B.F.A., Surface Pattern Design, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio – Kim, the Exhibition Chair of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), currently works in Longboat Key FL. Her background as a fabric, wallpaper and interior designer has laid the groundwork for her unique painterly style. Through the expressive use of brush and palette knife, she conveys an emotion, a mood and the pure joy of color. Her work offers elusive and intangible qualities to the viewer, who in turn add personal experience, giving life to her work. Her artwork is in select galleries and is collected worldwide.


Artist Statement

I am exhilarated by the visual dance between the figurative and abstract.  My approach considers the landscape, a universally recognizable composition that allows me infinite freedom to express with my natural hand. Additionally, the landscape organization inherently forgives a loose interpretation of color. I challenge myself to think differently and question preconceptions about landscape and reality and my goal is to offer more information with less detail.   I have learned to trust myself and create as if there are no mistakes. My work involves disruption as an evolutionary process, to which there is no direct path, one that requires forward-thinking decisiveness.  I realize the principles that govern each work of art will not be applicable in the next. Each is a journey unto its own. I think and act purposefully, looking for opportunity and innovation in each piece and this process develops over time.   I believe that it is through a sustained artistic practice, that an artist’s work grows closer to one’s own, more virtuous. I am developing my unique voice, striving for harmony of color, rhythm, depth and energy, offered from my head & heart.