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October 2022

Summer passed by quickly. I have been busy, inventing new techniques and trying techniques that are new to me. One week in May, I was in a dune shack on the Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts making linocut prints. Then, all of June, while thoroughly inspired by the experience, I painted 4 very nice SMALLER DUNES- check them out! I took a 2 month creative u-turn into collage of figures and meditative landscapes. Most recently, while not creative, but another first for me, Hurricane Ian disturbed the peace. I was fortunate and all is as I left it in the studio. My head is swirling with new work and the studio and online shop is very full!

I added a new feature to the shop. The Make an Offer button is an addition to my online sales channels (Saatchi and Singulart) and similar arrangements are made in the galleries, and in sales to repeat collectors and interior designers. All have been proven successful in completed transactions- uniting a collector with a loved piece of art. You may prefer to buy outright, or you may want to try the friendly, quick and impersonal exchange.

I am happy to engage in this way!







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My work is currently in 2 in-person exhibitions.

B. Beamesderfer Gallery

Beamesderfer 5: To the Next Level: Collage and Low Relief

If you are near, stop in to see the exhibition of collage and low relief artwork in Highland Park NJ. It happened that this juried opportunity came along as I was concentrating on shape and color. I am experimenting with cotton duck and various media to get texture to each piece I cut and add to the canvas.


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The National Association of Women Artists 133rd Annual Exhibition


16"x20" Oil on Canvas

This happy, little painting will be in NY for for the NAWA Annual Exhibition. It will then be returned to my studio and online shop:)

Until next time, very hearty handshakes,